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We live in a time of cheap and easy online access to all creative material and therefore, unprecedented demand for music, books,  videos, photos, journalism etc. Emerging  creators now benefit  from inexpensive  routes to market  and  a vast global audience via established online distribution platforms . Also, alongside these, are dedicated services for audience development, marketing, monetization and many other good  commercial tools.

This have been an excellent evolution of commercial and cultural activity  for creators and consumers alike. However, the speed and scale of this revolution has meant that opportunities for most creators to earn a living are at best unlikely and at worst, an illusion. None of the established copyright societies are able to cope with the  sheer size of the problem.

We believe that , by using our  unique Copyright Chains ecosystem  we can develop a regulated and transparent registration process for copyright owners and their works. This will enable our Blockchain based  management system to identify and reward the owners of online rights  with maximum efficiency.

Thus fulfilling our mantra “More Money Faster”  to copyright owners.

  • Definitive  registration of  all copyright works under management , their creators, owners and shares.
  • All royalties paid to copyright owners  under local taxation
  • Efficient  implementation of the EU copyright directive articles 15,17 and 19.

New Internet Media Copyrights

At NIM we firmly believe that a regulated registration and trading of copyright is the way forward.
A publicly regulated and transparent registration process for copyrights and intellectual property rights – much like the regulated registration of companies and trading of company stock functions today.
NIM is working on a parliamentarian level in different countries to get registration and trading of copyrights regulated.
NIM is the architect behind the Swedish motion for regulated registration of Copyright (sorry, in Swedish)
You can see a rough translation in our newsroom
A Copyright registration places on record a verifiable account of the date and content of the work in question so that in the event of a legal claim, or case of infringement or plagiarism, the copyright owner can produce an accurate copy of provenance from a reliable source.

Regulated registration

NIM supports the creators of Internet

Imagine a digital screen without content.

You can’t, because every moment we spend on a smartphone, PC, tablet or smartwatch is enriched and made vital with digital content: images, text, video, audio, product reviews and more.
Which raises two crucial points:

  1. the creators of content must get paid, or the value and relevance of content will deteriorate.
  2. The content must be highly relevant: – It’s the essence of customers experience and their digital interactions.

Relevant and quality content makes a cornerstone of the user experience.

Internet excists because of content.


Is registration of copyright

The building blocks

The CopyrightChains ecosystem is a blockchain ecosystem with the main blockchain “CopyrightChain” and two sub-chains “CopyrightCoins sub-chain” and “CopyrightShares sub-chain”. The ecosystem is developed, administered and commercialized by New Internet Media.

A CopyrightID serves as a uniform identification of copyright within the CopyrightChains ecosystem. The CopyrightID is the identification of the copyright smart contract. It is roughly the equivalent to International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) as defined in ISO 6166. For backward compatibility and metadata retrieval from the back catalogues in certain industries such as music, it contains a reference to international reference standards (such as IBAN or ISWC and ISRC in music).

Open CopyrightID

A CopyrightShare is a tradable financial asset representing the share in the ownership of a copyright owner on copyrighted content. CopyrightShares give the owner the right to receive royalties in the form of CopyrightCoins.

Open CopyrightShares

CopyrightCoins are the vehicle for the payment of royalties to owners of CopyrightShares. All royalties in the CopyrightChains ecosystem will be paid in CopyrightCoins. From CopyrightCoins anybody can exchange into any currency of their choice at their convenience, through a cryptocurrency wallet and via a cryptocurrency exchange. CopyrightCoins are not regarded as security by the Estonian finance inspection and are under governance by IMCA.

Open CopyrightCoins

The relationship between CopyrightID, CopyrightShares and CopyrightCoins

Copyright is proof that a legal entity (person or company) have registered an intangible asset (creating a uniquely identifiable reference) representing copyright or intellectual property right. CopyrightShares are non-fungible assets of that CopyrightID and CopyrightCoins are fungible assets that represent dividend in the form of royalties that a CopyrightShare produces.

To buy this download you must have a CopyrightCoins wallet. Please use the button below to set up a CopyrightCoins account (wallet) and send the address to [email protected] and we’ll send you some CopyrightCoins (CCIM) to play with.

This is NOT a demo. Real money is used!
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CopyrightCoins (CCIM) This live demo performs the following:

  1. Checks that you have enought CopyrightCoins ( ) to pay for the Copyright!
  2. Checks that the Copyright is registered with the CopyrightChains
  3. Checks that the DSP (Digital Service Provider) has enough CCIM to pay for the license
  4. Checks the CopyrightShares based upon CopyrightID to transfer the royalties correctly
  5. Receives the CCIM from the DSP on behalf of the Copyright owners.
  6. Transfer the royalties to the Copyright owners based upon the CopyrightShares split.
  7. Calls Bob and ask if he is your uncle!

White Label Content Mesh (WLCM) partnerships

This is just an example
GASP (Germany Association of Songwriters and Producers) is an independent professional association representing music writers in all genres. GASP offers benefits for its members and is tirelessly campaigning for their member’s rights and interests.
However, as the digital age is taking hold and more and as more royalties are paid from online and digital services, the member numbers are starting to decline.
Which is why GASP has decided to offer their members a full package of “More money, faster – for Copyright owners.”
For a lower administration fee than most competing collecting societies, GASP is handling all digital and online royalties’ payment (typically 5-9% administration fee)
In effect, NIMs WLCM and the MaaS (Music as a Service) can make sure the royalty for a song played via a DSP is paid to the account (wallet) of the Copyright owners before the song has ended.
This pay-out of royalties is made possible by retracting all digital rights from (for instance) GEMA and placing them at GASP. Exclusive administration rights give GASP the opportunity to offer advances against the flow of royalties.
The copyright owners are providing GASP with proof of royalties flow for the last five years. GASP  will then be advancing CopyrightCoins (CCIM)  or Euro or both (through IMCA – the governance body of CCIM) to the writers of music for this exclusive administration right.
All existing GEMA registration is pulled from the database and automatically registered on the CopyrightChains sub-chain CopyrightShares in a batch job and presented as GASP own service solution (see an example of this under Existing Independent music publisher below).
This new service is proven very popular among the existing members of GASP, and new members are joining up from all over the world.
New Indie Music publisher